Jamie is my oldest son and he’s 41. Billy is 39 and he turns 40 on May the 3rd. Their mom left all three of us, when they were two and four. I turned toward drink and drug shortly before she left and that might be part of the reason. Who can say what was on her mind. It really affected Jamie and Billy though and my drinking and drugging probably didn’t help matters. I was a kid raising kids. I had no idea what I was doing or what to do.


This morning I realized I scheduled my Urologist and Dermatologist at 1:00 tomorrow and my Pulmonologist at 1:15. It took me two hours to fix that little boo-boo. Then I left for my 11:00 appointment this morning and halfway there I noticed I forgot my cell phone. Immediately I was freaking out. I didn’t know if I should go back home and get it or save my gas. Well the gas won out, because I have no money. Later I thought, twelve years ago I wouldn’t have known the difference anyway.



3 thoughts on “4-20-15

  1. Thank you. I let this lapse for a year and now have added another aspect to the blog.

    Your three words, my little story. If you give me three unrelated words, I will write a very short little story using your words.


  2. Jim, the “then” one grabbed my attention, righ away. I feel a very famous Author is in your future! Keep going!!


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