How ya like my hat?

Some of you might have seen this one. I want to get it in the archives.


I was driving into a pretty ritzy housing development, when a couple of guys stopped me and said, “we don’t want your kind in here.”


I said, “What?” And he repeated himself, so I got out of my van stood in front of him and said, “What is my kind?”


He said, “an old beat up work van, long hair and torn jeans.” Even though I’m of Irish back ground, I gave him the Italian hand to chin sign for f*** you. I then pushed him backwards off his feet. This hat went flying off of his head in my direction. With no work at all I was able to catch his hat. While his friend was keeping his head from landing hard onto the blacktop, I had time to get into the van.


I made a donut in the intersection around them and as I was leaving, I yelled, “later guys.” Didn’t get the job, but I got the hat.


Just messin, paid a dollar for this Stetson at a local yard sale. It’s to small for my big head, so I gave it to a friend after the picture was taken.


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