Your three words, my little story: Anonymous

Your three words, my little story

Anonymous: verdant, felicitous & vestiges


The treasure map Roy found didn’t have a precise point of entry into the woods and he didn’t have adequate skills to read it anyway. So he put together a team of twelve, which was six two man squads. Each pair had a Retevis H-777, 16 channel single band two way radio walkie talkie.


The best they could figure the starting point was five feet to the north of a huge oak tree right on the tree line. However, it could have been three hundred feet to the left or right. So that meant the old cabin would be exactly two miles due east from any point of three hundred and five feet north of the oak, to two hundred and ninety five feet south of it.


They set up base camp just outside of the oak tree. Roy was on the team that went in at the midpoint and there were two teams to his left and two teams to the right. A hundred and fifty feet apart separated all teams, but of course one team was left at base camp.


Everyone had a FELICITOUS machete able to cut through the thick VERDANT forest. They kept in close contact by radios and compasses. As they cut their way through the wooded vegetation Roy finally found the VESTIGES of cabins, that were so rundown and overgrown he almost walked right past them.


He called everyone to the cabins, while four stayed and set up camp, six went back to gather the rest of the gear needed to dig for the treasure.



Foot note: I beleive I used your words correctly, but I don’t know how smoothly they fit into the story.


5 thoughts on “Your three words, my little story: Anonymous

  1. Oh crap. 😄 I have some eight cylinder words from an astrophysicist friend of mine first, then I’m right on yours Nora. My dad use to call the really smart words, eight cylinder words. Thank you so much for the words.

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