Past, present & plans: 9-5-16

Past, present & plans: 9-5-16




My dad was from the cotton fields of Texas and my mom was from east Tennessee, actually she was born in the Appalachian Mountains. Therefore, I have all kinds of hillbilly in my back ground and I am proud of it.


A couple of years after we moved to Lanham, we had what you call a shindig in the front yard. Now, remember this is a housing development in Prince George’s County, Md. in the sixties.


The band was on the front porch, while all the rest of us were scattered in the grass. We had a couple of guitars, banjo, bass, harmonica and a jug and we were jammin’.


A few of the neighbors came out on their porch, but for the most part it was just us hicks. No one said anything or disturbed us, especially the way my dad and the uncles looked, we were a bad ass gang. It was great.


Years later, when ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’ came on TV, I realized how we might have been perceived by the neighbors.


To this day I love the way my family is and I am just as outgoing as they were. No one will squelch my spirit, although I find it useful to count to three sometimes before I speak. Old dogs can learn new tricks.




Yesterday, me and Raymond took a day trip down to Colonial Beach, Virginia and had great day.


While, driving we usually tell each other funny stories of our past. I’ve known Raymond, since high school and I don’t believe I knew, that he spent two summers at Colonial Beach and visited many times.


We searched for his autograph in the fifty year old side walk, but our priority that day was the Art Show on the boardwalk. By the way there were no boards on the boardwalk, it was a concrete walk way. We bought a few things, took a mess of pictures, saw everything and flirted with all the woman.




I think I will add another category to my blog and I will probably call it ‘Stories by others’, although I will be the author of their stories.


I belong to a large group of people that don’t drink and drug anymore and we all have some stories that we are able to laugh at now.

Fontana River -2-20-09-1

Raymond in February 2nd 2009 at Fontana River


4 thoughts on “Past, present & plans: 9-5-16

  1. Thank you Gywn, that is a good picture of Raymond. I didn’t know if you were reading or not. Please leave me three unrelated words. If you see mistakes can you please let me know.


  2. Love your memories, Jim. They remind me so much of the time when I was growing up. I also love the pic you posted today of Raymond. I enjoy your stories so much.

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