Your three words, my little story: Gwyn’s words

Your three words, my little story
Gwyn’s words: innocuous, glare & copacetic


George, Wally and Popper normally sit under the shade tree in front of Popper’s apartment building. They didn’t sit there everyday, but often enough to become a sidewalk fixture on the west side of the park.


They were an INNOCUOUS group of older men from Sloan; they didn’t bother anyone, except for Betty. She worked in the diner on the other side of the park; so, they flirted with her all the time. She loved the attention.


Betty walked out of the same building Popper lives in and asked, “How you fellas doin’?”


Wally said, “Everything’s COPACETIC Betty. What’s happening in your neck of the woods?”


“Did you all hear about the body behind the clinic?”


George said, “Not much, but we did see the Sheriff and the ambulance across the street the other day.”


Popper said, “We couldn’t see much, because of the GLARE coming off of my car. What happened?”


“Don’t know guys! Dr. G found a dead guy next to the dumpster, that’s all I know.”


“Who is it?”


“Some stranger from Wilson. I do know that much.”


Taken in PA 2015


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