Turkey Hill Park sales

Sunday, was another good day for me. Sold eleven books and a shirt.

My good friend, Becki, happened by and bought my shirt. This was my first shirt ever sold. Next shirts will have the photo on the back and JFM Creates in the front

It was a good day for the Houseboat Poet. Combining Saturday and Sunday’s sales came to twenty books and a shirt.

Other than lunch, almost every dollar goes back into my table, so now I offer bags and this time of year calls for CHRISTmas bags with tissue paper. The lady in the above photo wanted to buy a bag, I have no idea what to charge for a bag. Believe I offered to give her one, but she bought my book for the bag. That’s kind of funny.

People often say, “I’ll come back”, but rarely do. That makes since, because it might be difficult to say, “I’m not interested”. Over the whole weekend five people came back. Thank you for that.

It was a great day and weekend combined, but now I have to rest my feet. Put a lot of steps in both days


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