Some happy customers



Ed and Margrette are in-laws. First Ed joked about my hair was too long, now it’s too short. I can never please him. 😀


Margrette is one of my favorite people. Everytime I see her she tells me a joke.



One more Starbuck’s patron, that was interested in giving to the cause. Me! 😊


This adorable young lady is Matt and Tereatha’s granddaughter. She was so proud to buy my book.


This is Tereatha and she could have easily read my buddy Matt’s book, but she wanted to support me by buying my book. Wasn’t that so nice of her.


While I was delivering my book to my nurse friend, Janelle baught my book on the spot.


Janetta is one of my very favorite nurses at Baden Medical Clinic. She also took an interest in my writing, oh and my diabetes. 😊


This cute little barista, Alexis, baught two of books, one for her and one for college professor mentor.


Jim is part of a chess club that meets at the La Plata Starbucks. Very smart and nice young man, don’t tell him I said that though. 😀


I met Sharon the day after I moved onto my houseboat and it was easy to become friends with her.


My friend and fellow CSM student, Ayanna, seemed to be as excited about the book as I am. So sweet.


My friend and publisher Jim Brewster. His company is called J2B Publishing LLC


My good friend Megan, at the La Plata Starbucks, continually asked me, “When will your book be pupublished?” I’m proud to have friends that are that interested in my interests.


My book went on sale at Amazon, before I received my first order. By the time I got my first order a good number of friends went on-line and baught it. Janey was my first friend that baught it directly from me. We ran into each other at the La Plata Safeway and she asked me, “How is your writing going?” We walked out to my van and she baught my book. That was very exciting!


Satisfied Customer

Satisfied Customer



PL bought three of my books.


PL bought two of my books, one for her and the other one is for her daughter, Tiffany, that works in the American ambassdor’s office in Egypt. Now my book of poetry, Twilight to Son Shine, is overseas. COOL!!


PL came back a few days later and bought another one for her friend’s son, who is also an aspiring poet.

Random thoughts: Facebook friend request

Facebook friend request



I am 99.99 percent sure that this picture does not belong to the spam artist that sent me the friend request.



I wish all these pretty young ladies really wanted to be my friend instead of selling me something or taking something from me. Come on guys, a lady that looks like this, does not need me as a friend. I could only dream. 😉

New website page

New website page


Taken on April 17, 2017

I added a new page to my website, From my Head to Yours at , it’s called ‘Precious friends and customers’. If you visit the page, your picture might be on it.


Feel free to comment, tell friends and browse my website.


Thanks everyone for your love and support.