Part 1 of 5: This week in photos

Part 1 of 5: This week in photos





A few years ago I moved off my houseboat and was lucky enough to end up near a bend at the beginning of Port Tobacco River. I’ve taken thousands of photos in the year and a half that I’ve been here, but in the last week I’ve taken some really nice ones. Until a bundle of money lands on my head, I’m stuck with my two standard Nikon lens, so please excuse the clarity of some of these photos.




This is part one of a five part series of this past week’s photos. Starting with Bobby the deer and a few of the Osprey (Steve, Mary & baby Adam) that live about fifty feet from me. Needless to say I’m not sure of the sex of some of my friends, so please help me in that area if you can/want.


The Last Leg of my PA Trip.

The last leg of my PA trip was a stop in Historical Harpers Ferry, WV. I talked to Jeff at the Appalachian Trial Conservatory and he gave me directions to Jefferson Rock, Lower Harpers Ferry and more, then I chose where I was going to hike according to the amount of steps I would need to take.

I decided to visit Jefferson Rock for the view. The rock is on the Appalachian Trail and it was pretty neat, but the view was over grown by the trees. After that I drove down to another part of the trail in Lower Harpers Ferry to visit a walking bridge that goes across the Shenandoah River at The Point. The Point is where The Potomac River comes in from the right of my photos and meet The Shenandoah River on the left. They continue south as The Potomac River to DC.

I enjoyed a great Meatsa Pizza from Sweet Alisha’s Pizza & more, while visiting with the owner Jimmy. I also had the privilege of chatting with Police Officer Adam and getting a lot of valuable information about the town.

Photos 1, 2, 3 & 4 are of The Jefferson Rock area. You can see me trying to keep part of the rock from falling in photo 1. Photo 3 is a grave that got lost from the grave yard that is outside the left of the photo. The graveyard could have been full or maybe the deceased wasn’t allowed to join the rest of the town folk who knows. ☺️


Jefferson Rock 2 CEWMJefferson Rock CEWMJefferson Rock 4 CEWMJefferson Rock 3 CEWM

Photos 5, 6, 7 & 8 is the lower township of Harpers Ferry. The walking bridge is part of the Appalachian Trail and it continues north through the mountain, you can see the tunnel in photo 5, You might be able to make out the Osprey nest at the top right of the bridge in photo 8.


The Point CEWMThe Point 3 CEWMThe Point 1 CEWMThe Point 2 CEWM

My trip back from Pennsylvania

Here are some photos from several different places on my way back from PA.

The first one is from an over look at Mount Summit on route 40, the view is of Uniontown, PA and the surrounding area.


Uniontown valley and vacinity CEWM


The second one is Sideling Hill, on I 68 in PA, then as I was walking back down from the walking bridge I took the one of the mountains to the south of Sideling Hill Bridge.

Sidling Hill CEWM
Sidling Hill 1 CEWM

Photos 3, 4, 5 & 6 are at Ohio Pyle Falls, PA. I was expecting a waterfall and there was one somewhere near by, but I was too exhausted to find it. This was still a gorgeous setting though.


Ohiofalls 1 CEWM


Ohiofalls 6 CEWM

Ohiofalls 7 CEWM

Ohiofalls 9 CEWM


The last two are in the same area of Ohio Pyle Falls, but it’s called the Water Slides on Meadow Run.


Ohiofalls Slides CEWM

Ohiofalls Slides 2 CEWM

More photos to come of the Harper Ferry area.

My Short Trip to PA

I’m thirty miles south of Pittsbugh, PA for my great neice’s graduation from Brownsville High School. I’m staying at my son Billy’s house and it sure is good to see and hug him. He looks and feels so healthy. I’m so proud of him and his family.

On the way up, I stopped at Lakeside Marine on Route 68 and took a good number of pictures, here’s one.


Lakeside Marine watermarked


I saw a bridge in Brownsville from a distance, it’s called Speers Railroad Bridge. It took me an hour to get close to it and when I did I took a hundred photos and here are just a few.


Brownsville train bridge 2 watermarked

Brownsville train bridge 4 watermarked


There will be more photos in the next few days.

Unavailable Tables



Unavailable Tables

I’m sitting in the La Plata Starbucks by myself. Normally when I’m there by myself I’m people watching, sometimes I chat with different people I know only from Starbucks and other times people from other venues of my life stop by and we babble for a while. The following is what I saw today.

I noticed two elderly well dress men, let’s call them the two business men, sitting in front of their computers. They were too far away for me to eavesdrop on their conversation and that’s the case for all involved. Through out this little story I will add some narrative to move the tale along. They looked like they were having an enjoyable chat, when one of them got up for some napkins and noticed a more suited corner table for their interlude. He came back to get his friend and they proceeded to pick up their gear and move to the corner spot. By the time they turned toward the new table, it was taken, so they sat back down and set up again.

The people that took the corner table were two attractive ladies, they seemed to be a mother and daughter couple, so for the purpose of this little yarn we’ll say they were. A few moments later their third party arrived and stood in front of them. He looked to be another business man type. He looked around searching for a better spot for their rendezvous and noticed an empty table across the room. He walked over to that table as the ladies picked up their possessions and followed him to it. That was the ladies second table.

A few moments later one of the first two business men stood up and saw the corner table was open, so they picked up their stuff and moved there, seemingly happy with their new spot they continued to smile and chat.

When the mother, daughter and business man saw the two business men move, they in turn grabbed all their paraphernalia and moved to the smaller table for what seemed to be a better choice for them. However it still wasn’t convenient to an electric outlet. This was the third spot for the lovely ladies. A few minutes later a table with an electric outlet right next to it became available and they moved there. This made the fourth local for the ladies. I heard the man say, “The music is too loud”.

Quickly the daughter said, “We’re not moving again”. At that point, I laughed out loud.

I couldn’t help but get up and tell everyone involved what I just watched. We all laughed and as I was walking back to my vantage point I thought, I might not ever see any of them again but it was nice to be a part of that little bit of nothing that only I saw.