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Which category do you like best?

How ya like my hat?: I round up an assortment of hats and take pictures of  them. Afterwards I write fictional stories of how I got them.

Past, present & plans: This one consists of true stories of my past, what’s happening in my today and the somewhat loose plans of my future.

Your three words, my little story: When my sons, Jamie and Billy, were young we use to play a game with words. We would play it orally, as soon as we received the words we would make up a story. We have played this game well over thirty years. Now, I have turned it into an interactive catagory with my readers. If you give me three unrelated words, I will write a little story using them. Typically a mix of fact and fiction. Please feel free to leave three words, then give me a few days to write your story.

Letters to the Editor: I love seeing my name in the paper, as long as it’s not in the obituaries. What I like more, is writing something I feel is significant and the possibility that someone else will read it and feel the same as I do. So far all my news paper publications are in my local paper, The Maryland Independent.

Jim’s Poetry: A few words, lines and thoughts.

My trips: My lack of finances keep me from straying too far from home. So I save money and combine a family trip with a nice photo shoot. Wondering to far from my vehicle is difficult most times, because of my big belly, bad knees and COPD

Precious family, friends and customers: Pictures of family, friends and customers that have bought my book.

Random thoughts: I’m a people person, people watcher and I have an vivid imagination. Using these attributes I can get a story out of just about anything.

People, places and things that interest me: establishments, trips, authors and anything that might be a little out of the ordinary.

True stories: Written in the form of stories, poems or events

Sloan:  Sloan is a sleepy little town, somewhere in the south mid west of USA, circa early nineteen seventies. Several of my little stories and characters are now linked to my published short story, “Family Doctor”, which you can find on the page called, “This & That”. The town in, “Family Doctor”, is now called Sloan.

Guest blogs: From time to time we will have a guest blogger. They will discuss topics in a number of different genres. Each blogger reserves the rights to their own stories and photography.



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