Some More Happy Customers

Happy Customers

I’m going to post four photos at a time till I catch up.



Maggie Joyner


Maggie bought my book at Maries Diner in La Plata, MD. and also came out to support me at my first book signing on my birthday, May 20th, at Market Day.


While at the diner, she bought a $60 fundraising ticket from me. It’s for the Christmas in April * Charles County annual Sunset at Mount Aventine gala. On June 10th Christmas in April will officially become Rebuilding Together. The board members are very excited about the change and we hope you will come out and meet us. You can gather with us for tasty refreshments, mingling and a couple of special guest speakers, that should to peak your interest on some current events.



Wayne Wagner


This is my mechanic and neighbor and he purchased my book as soon as he heard that it was published. I’m standing in a hole and he is standing on a cinder block. 😊 Not really.





I asked this attractive lady to take a picture of me and a happy customer and after she took the picture she asked, “Can you tell me about the book?” I’m learning how to be a salesman and shortly after she took the picture, she gave $10 for my book. Very nice lady.



Bruce Sansbury


We also have my good friend Bruce. He helped me on Market Day by handling the money and watching the table while I was away from it. He also sold a book when I was food hunting, so it seems he was perfect for the job.


Thank you guys for buying my book!

Some More Happy Customer’s

Happy Customer’s


President Dr. Bradley M. Gottfried at College of Southern Maryland

College of Southern Maryland’s (CSM) president, Dr. Bradley M. Gottfried, Ph.D., bought my book at a presentation of the Civil War’s battle over the Potomac River. Dr. Bradley has a local radio show called, Southern Maryland’s Perspective and it airs on Sundays at:


7:00am – WKIK-102.9
7:30am – WYRX-97.7
8:00am – WSMD-98.3


And he asked me to be a guest on his show sometime in the near future. Can’t wait, sounds very exciting.





I see Marshon two or three times a week at the La Plata, Starbuck’s. As you can tell he’s a Millennial, which are typically children of us Baby Boomers. He always helps me with computer application questions. My latest lesson was about the Cloud.


Thanks guys for buying my book.

Things I’m interested in: BAM



The first book of poetry, in the series called, ‘Thoughts into Poetry’

I just came from Books-A-Million and my hopes are up. Met with the general manager at the Waldorf, MD book store about them selling my book and having a book signing. My friend Sherrie Nieves initialized the talks, thanks Sherrie.


I will find out in two weeks if they are interested in doing it. If they are, then it will take place in three months. I’m very excited of the possible opportunity.

Happy Customers

Happy Customers

Two more happy customers. Think I’ll start with the pretty one.



Valerie Grimes


I met Valerie several years ago at the marina where my houseboat is docked. This very nice young lady bought my book and even tipped me $2. How cool is that. She’s also going to help me design a new business card.


She owns and operates a cleaning service. Among the many others venues that she cleans, residential and commercial are at the top of the list.



Al Jackson

I know Al from the La Plata Starbuck’s. He normally sits by himself reading, until I start bugging him. We often talk about writing and other topics that are way above my head. He’s a very smart man and I can learn a lot from him. All I have to do is listen.


Thank you guys for buying my book.


Things that interest me: Posting

Things that interest me: posting

I realise, that I have been posting alot lately, so this a post telling you that. 😊


Actually I’ve been posting alot about several things that really interest me.


1- My book, Twilight to Son Shine
2- My websight,
3- Christmas in April


I hope I am not irritating any of you, but all of these are special to me.