Things that interest me: 2017 Artsfest of Charles County

2017 Artsfest of Charles County


I had a real good day yesterday at the Artsfest in La Plata, MD. Sold sixteen books, ‘Twilight to Son Shine’, and payments were received by cash and my new card reader. I needed help from a customer to teach me how use my new reader, that was funny. I probably gave my spiel to a hundred people.



Charles County Arts & Alliance (CCAA)


It was sunny and hot, towards the end of the day, my back was hurting, I was out of breath, out of energy and a little sick to my stomach from the heat. However, I trudged through and had a great day and was so happy with the outcome.



Lori, me and Laura at Artsfest after Lori bought two books. Thanks Lori.



I want to thank Matt Jones, Meghan Harmon and Lew McIntyre for making a special point to visit me. They brought me some treasured memories and I’m very grateful for their friendships and support.


‘Life’s Journey Writers Guild’, also known as ‘the guild’ and ‘LJWG’, reserved two spots and I shared one of them with my new friend Carla. She can probably tell you my spiel word for word by now. Customers were attracted to her nice shiny jewelry and while they were leaving her table some stopped by mine. I think we made a good team.



‘the guild’



LJWG of Charles County is an organization of writers headed by our President and writer/editor Yvonne Medley. We meet every third Saturday of the month at the ‘Waldorf West Library’ in Waldorf, from 2:30 to 4:30. Please come out and check us out. We might just be what you’re looking for, to help you with your book.


After the Artsfest, I clocked in at a well attended fundraiser for ‘Christmas in April’. The function was also the used as the transformation from the title of ‘Christmas in April’ to ‘Rebuilding Together’. Good food, good people and a good time.



The Charles County board of Rebuilding Together


‘Christmas in April’, will still have our annual event day on the last Saturday in April, but partnering with ‘Rebuilding Together’ gives us the ability to help more people of need on days other than just the end of April.


I got started at 6:30am and was home at 9:30pm. Those were normal hours in my youth, but now a days it’s a stretch to do half of that. Both events were so exciting and such a treasure. I love writing and working with my family of ‘Rebuilding Together’.



Charles County, Maryland

Random thoughts: life changes

Life changes


Did I ever tell you how and where I got saved?



At a local cemetery


In two days, it will be 27 years since I walked out of Charles County Detention Center in La Plata, MD. I was picked up by my mom and two sons after a stay of nine months.


That midnight we drove past Lady Liquors and went for a pizza and soda instead. To drive past that liquor store was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Life is much better without the drink and the drug.


While I lived in the jail, I got saved by Christ Jesus on February 20, 1990. My mom’s minister visited me every Thursday like clockwork and answered every question I had in a very personal and astute way. He was God’s emissary that led me to Him.


When I was released on June 6, 1990, I immediately started going to Alcoholics Anonymous and still do. In ’91, I started to volunteer at the same detention center by taking AA meetings in there. In ’93 I stopped carrying the AA message and began escorting four men, what I felt were Godly men from Forest Park Baptist Church, behind the walls of safety to deliver the Gospel message.


It wasn’t long, when one of the men wasn’t able to make it and since I was just a babe in Christ and scripture, all I could do was talk with them about what God did for me. The next time that happened, I had a tailored message from scripture specifically designed for the inmates. Before the year was out, I was the only one going in, from my group. I did that till 2000.


Since 2001, I’ve been a member of Southern Maryland Christian Academy and see Pastor Marvin and bunch of my friends often. However, since 2002 I frequent church once a month, every other month or not for months at a time.



Southern Maryland Cristian Academy


I have a very personal relationship with my Savior Jesus and my poetry is based on what He has done for me.


I am so proud to be clean, sober and Saved.