A poll just for you

A poll just for you

I’m one of the people that will stop in the middle of the road, pick up a turtle and help it across the street. I know dead animals will feed other animals, but I still get a little grossed out, when I see them laying around.

The other day, I picked up a turtle and turned to carry it into the direction it was heading. I noticed, it was heading towards a barren field, with hardly any vegitation or shad. It was coming from a plush cool extremely bountiful menu of food for the turtle.

Which side of the road would you set him down on.


* barren field


* turn it around

Book Signing and Selling



I will be selling and signing my two books of poetry at the Charles County Arts Fest on Saturday June 9, from 11am to 5pm. You can find me in spot #15, to the east (left) of the clock, that is in front of the La Plata Town Hall building.



My books are only $10 apiece and remember they are ‘Made in the USA’.