My Eating Addiction

About 250 words.

Hi guys,

Those of you that know me or have read some of my words, might realize that I am drink, drug and tobacco free. Typically, when we remove one addiction another one will step in its place. My present addiction is food. Some of you might know that I have lost a lot of weight (on purpose) since my congestive heart failure on February 10, 2021.

Me a day before, Feb. 9, 2021, my Congestive Heart Failure at weight 327

I have planned days to eat higher carbohydrates (carbs) during my weight loss program. Sometimes it is difficult to get back on track, but that is a topic for another day. Today is the fourth day of returning to the plan. During the first three days is always an eating frenzy to taste the things I have been jonesing for. This action is similar to the same as with any other addiction. My energy level takes a big hit during this time – all I want to do is eat tasty high carbs and lay down. Not only does my energy take a hit, but so does my self-esteem.

Me at Colonial Beach Arts and Craft Show Sept. 4, 2021 weighing in at 242

My desire to write, walk or socialize is diminished to almost nil till the fourth day. However the fourth day is two days too many. I hope to eventually learn to eat better and not be on some kind of diet. Habits and addictions are hard to change, but I feel it will eventually take place, but I should remained to be vigil and take it one day at a time.


St. Mary’s County Crab Festival – sold 16 books

Hello everyone,

The Houseboat Poet here.

I had the pleasure of meeting some interesting people this past Saturday at the St. Mary’s County Crab Festival in St. Mary’s County, MD. First a school chum, Sandy Stamp-Brock (photo 1), from Thomas Stone High School in Waldorf, MD stopped by. She told her husband that I was really shy back then and how far away from her I stood when we were slow dancing at a 9th grade shindig.

Next was a buddy I hadn’t seen in a few years, Liz Ballou (photo 2), never told her about the crush I had on her ever since I met her. Guess she knows now.

I also met Deb Rey (photo 3) who is running for the Maryland House of Delegates, she was pleasant to talk too. She bought both of my books.

Then several other really nice people stopped in and listened to my 90 second spiel about my books. I even talked a Dallas Cowboy fan into buying one and he knew I was a Skin fan. He was fun.

This is Cindy and she has become a good friend

Three people bought both of them that means thirteen people wanted to read what I have to say. Yes, that means I sold sixteen books, which is a good day for me.

Michelle was nice.
It’s nice when someone looks at you when you speak and both of these ladies looked at me intently.
I’ve been in jail before for drinking and drugging, that is no secret and I don’t want it to be. The man on my left use to drive the paddy wagon for the Charles County Detention Center. He bought my first book. That was fantastic. I was beaming with joy during and after that conversation.
This was a nice family

It was a long day though, set-up was at 10am and the event ran from 11am to 7pm. I was exhausted by 4pm or so, but hung in there and sold more books.

I will be at the Colonial Beach Boardwalk Arts and Craft Show this Saturday (September 4th) and Sunday (September 5th) selling and signing my books. You can find me on the south side of the boardwalk near the Town Pier.

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