Another book sale coming up this weekend

Hello everyone,

Jim “The Houseboat Poet” McDonald here. I had the pleasure of meeting some interesting people over the last few weekends at the Waldorf Rescue Squad and St. Michaels Museum.

The vendors were many, but the foot traffic was a little light at the Waldorf Rescue Squad Saturday, April 2nd, but I had three sales culminating in seven books signed. Two new friends bought the full series of “Life of a Humble Poet” – three books per set. This past weekend Saturday, April the 9th was at the St, Michaels Museum and sales were a bit better. Several people bought my full set of poetry. I sold 15 books and gave one to a young lady that helped me set up. I had much fun on a day that threatened to rain all day. As you might expect moisture and paper products do not mix well.

I will be at the Coastal Arts Market (CAM) this weekend Saturday 16th from 9am to 3pm, which is located at the Leonardtown Wharf. Please come visit me and 30 or so local vendors and we are anxiously hoping to show you our wares.

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