Our Trash – Our Problem

I am in my last week of the Basics of Photography course at the University of Maryland Global Campus. The last assignment was to pick a theme, then go out into the world and document it through photography. I started out with ‘Weight Loss’ because that would include eating and walking, but during the walking part my theme changed to ‘The Trash We Leave’.

Oh, just leave it there

I am always amazed at how beautiful our world is and I am especially enamored with the sights I see in our little Charles County, MD. On a walk that my friend Raymond and I took a few weeks ago, we found some nice roads that we have never gone down. Traveling to unknown places can always be risky, but we are old, adventurous, and a little crazy, so we travel to your neighborhood. Getting back to ‘The Trash We Leave”, there are endless reasons why I can leave my trash for you to pick up. Here are just a few: the trash containers provided are full, I left it close enough, or it is not my problem.

Full trash cans

It seems trash cans are everywhere now, but not always timely emptied. How hard would it be to recognize those more active days or weekends and empty them prior to and after those times? The stance of it is close enough is not the right attitude and it is not job security for someone else, especially if it blows all over the area. IT IS MY PROBLEM! It is lazy and sloppy to leave my trash for someone else to clean up. We as a people have gone to extremes to depose our trash and rubbish in designated areas and we are starting to get the recycling idea down to a science. Everyone should help and do their part in both of those arenas before we have no clean places to walk. “Our trash – our problem!” (McDonald)


More valued Charles County history

I added a new category, Letters to the editor, to my site. When I was moving my letters to the new category, I noticed this one was never uploaded to WorldPress at all, so here it is. I’m going to see if I can add it at the right chronological spot. I don’t if that’s possible, but here goes.


It’s my second published letter and it’s also about Charles County, Maryland history, like my first one.


2nd Letter to the Editor

Drugs have no boundries

Here’s my latest letter to the editor in the ‘Maryland Independent, which is my local county paper. You can find it on page A8 in the Wednesday, March 27, 2019 paper, in the ‘Letters to the editor’ section. It’s called, ‘Drugs have no boundries’.

This is my small battle against drugs, to join the larger war against it.







Out of the Storm and into the Calm

This is my latest published article in my local county paper on Dec. 14 – Maryland Independent.




I talk about my addictions and the same of many others. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been addicted, to even French Fries, addictions are real and deadly. Below is the Word document.

“Out of the Storm and Into the Calm

On October 25, 1989, I stopped drinking and drugging. That day was a month into my then last work release program at Charles County Detention Center. The Charles County judicial system gave me a year for Driving on Revoked License and I served nine and a half months of that sentence.

It was never my desire to become an alcoholic or drug addict. I wanted to play second base for the Washington Senators’ professional baseball team, but life made a different choice for my direction. During my first month of that work release, which was not my first work release, I couldn’t stop drinking and drugging. It was a dreadful experience trying to stop, but I could not navigate through it, not on my own anyway. I was stuck in a nightmare similar to this for decades. I did have moments of clarity, which every essence of my body and soul wanted to crawl out, but I couldn’t. I wanted to change, however it was not in my power. I found myself in the midst of a storm that I’m sure, would soon claim my life.

My work release was revoked, because of a dirty urine specimen, and I was sent to the back of the jail. The next eight months plus, I lived in D Block, counting the blocks on my cell wall, wishing I could change the television channel and longing to hug my kids. During this time, outside conflicts happened to my family that rushed me to the bottom of my addictions, which I so desperately needed. When this incident happened I was inside long enough for my head to clear a sufficient amount of time, so I could make some rational decisions. I decided to change my life for mine and my children’s sake. By far, the best decision I ever made.

For those that are in the middle of active addiction, there is a way out. It can be and probably will be a tough road, but you can walk through it and hold your head high, just don’t give up. For those who sit back and say, “Just stop,” you don’t understand the hold that addiction has on a person. You can help by finding out how you can help. There are phone numbers of free places that will help you to help your loved ones, use Google. Each addiction has a way out, no matter if it’s, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, food or your couch. If it’s a loved one who’s stuck, maybe your compassion can help them, before the addicted one finds their way out through suicide. Don’t give up on them, they’re not doing this on purpose.”

Safety for all

I haven’t wrote anything in awhile. I guess because my mind was on other ventures and probably physical issues also. I will not continue grow as a writer, unless I write everyday. I will write something everyday and try to post a few times a week.

This article was published Friday September, 28 in the, Charles County newspaper, Maryland Independent. You can find it on page A9 in the ‘Letters to the editor’ section.

Hope my article, Safety for all, interests you. It’s about more direction needed in some of my prayers. Contact me if you can’t read it and I will send you a copy of what I sent to the editor.

Of course I was excited to see that my effort was published. I love being a budding writer and my baby steps in the photography field inspire my legs to be more active.

After it was printed, I noticed a mistake in the last paragraph. Let me know if you see it.