First Blog (true story)

First blog (true story)


As the title says, this is my very first blog or post, what ever it is, on my new website. I’m a disabled carpenter with COPD, that’s my main disability. I’ve been in the carpentry field over 41 years and I feel I’m done with that field and ready to move on. The direction I’m heading into is writing, so at the age of 60 I’m stepping out there. I have two fantastic sons, two grand sons and one grand daughter. More to come on all these characters later.

I have returned to school for fun, which I think is pretty cool. College of Southern Maryland (CSM) has accepted me as a returning student. I hope to learn how to write The Great American Novel. I am lucky enough to be published my first time out. CSM has a literary magazine called, Connections, and it is published twice a year. My first short story will be published on May 1, 2015. It’s called Family Doctor and I am so tickled! I know pride goeth before a fall, so I know to check myself. I hope I’m not a one hit wonder. I have a lot to learn, so please leave comments of constructive criticism.

When I get the link to Family Doctor I will post it.

Jim McDonald


4 thoughts on “First Blog (true story)

  1. I’m looking forward to reading Family Doctor, I’m also interested in having a book written on my life, I’m very articulate in my head but my hands don’t move as fast as I think so actually writing this may prove to be difficult. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up recording it then work with someone’s to put it together. Contact me and I’ll give you a brief summary of my story. So much that so many don’t know.

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