Wednesday 4-22-2015: Past, Present & Future


I did almost every drug out there during the time of my drug use, except heroin. I always thought I would get addicted to it and that’s why I didn’t do it. I didn’t realize I was addicted to everything else I was doing. I smoked at least two packs a day for twenty years, sometimes more with beer and acid. I smoke herbs the same amount of time and always thought that pot was my drug of choice, it wasn’t. The last five years of my drugging I was smoking a lot of crack, daily. Thank God I was able to quit all of that. At one point I thought pot is a weed, what can it hurt.


I just left my pulmonologist and my Doctor told me according to the home sleep study I just took, I have sleep apnea. She said, “I woke up 12 times that night to catch my breath.” I told her, “I had no idea.” She said, “most times you won’t.” of course that means more test. The next test is a sleep study in the Doctor office. She said I might have to wear a mask at night to help me get a good night sleep. I already have to take three different kinds of inhalers and I carry an emergency one in my pocket now, because I have COPD. Now I realized any kind of smoke in the body can’t be good for it. Lesson learned


After the next test. I will automatically have another test, and another, and another……


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