Your Three Words, My Little Story

Michelle’s words: motherhood, beach and horse

It was a beautiful day to lay out on the BEACH and do nothing. Do absolutely nothing was the plan, because lately most days were complicated for Michelle in some fashion or another. She brought a bucket of chicken from KFC, along with some baked beans and some potato salad, that she made herself.  On the way there she stopped off at the conveyance store for some gas, chips, sodas and something special for her son. He really liked chocolate, but she didn’t want him to eat much of it anymore. She hid that little gem away for the time being.

Finally on the beach she quickly set up, so she could lay out under the umbrella. After eating she propped her head up on her lounge chair, which proved to be much too comfortable. Laying there watching the waves and her son play with the sand was exactly what the doctor order. Feeling very relaxed she thought she would check her eye lids for leaks and just listen to the waves. Well, you know what happened next. Yep, it wasn’t long before she was in a deep sleep and dreaming about her pasture. She enjoyed walking through it and especially riding her HORSE. She would often jokingly say, “I love my horse more than my husband.” Of course that wasn’t true, but that was an inside joke between them.

All of a sudden she was awakened by her son’s screaming. They met in the sand between themselves.

She said, “what’s wrong?”

He was pointing at his foot then said, “look something bit me.”

“Oh honey, that’s from a jelly fish. It will be fine shortly.” as she picked him up and carried him over to his blanket and toys, she thought ahhhh chocolate. She set him down and said, “here honey.” She was enjoying her dream, but she enjoyed him more. She thought now that’s MOTHERHOOD.



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