Past, present & plans 8-13-16



One night in the basement of the Lanham house, I was watching the movie It. Up to then, I had never been more frightened than that night. That show wouldn’t hold a candle to the horror flicks of today. The outer space genre was just getting off the ground.


Back to the basement. I was all by myself on the couch while the rest of the family was upstairs. The stairs were to the left in the middle of the basement and the television was to the right. With an simple turn of the head you can see both. Dad yelled down to turn the TV and light off and come up stairs, but the light was next to the TV. Turning off the light would put me walking twenty five feet, then up thirteen steps in pitch black darkness.


The monster “It” was in the basement…. Somewhere. However, the light kept him away from me….for the time being anyway.


I was so afaid. What you do?




Today was extremely humid, so I stayed indoors. The sun bakes my fiberglass boat, anything past eighty five degrees puts a strain on my window air conditioner. It keeps running but it can’t keep up. COPD can be a killer.


The “happy” for the day was, when a friend dropped off a slab of ribs. He is the best smoker I know.




Me and a cousin Jenny are talking about adding her as a guest blogger. Her blogs would be of her and her time with her grand mother. Short little stories combined with her favorite recipes.


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