Your three words, my little story 8-14-16

Jim’s words: Shirley, ninja & blow-dry


He couldn’t remember ever feeling this way before. They just moved there four days ago and she left two nights later. Like a NINJA vanishing in the middle of the night. Leaving not a trace only a note saying, I don’t feel it anymore, SHIRLEY.


The last thing he remembers saying to her before he went to work was, “Every time I want to talk, you pull that noisy thing out and BLOW-DRY your hair. Sometimes I think you do it just to drown me out.” She never acknowledged his presence, so he left.


Dawn streamed through the window the next morning and he hadn’t slept a wink. All he thought about, was why. He knew they had problems, but not this bad.


How could he possibly run an investigation into the death of that stranger with all this on his mind. His second day on the job as the Sloan Sheriff and he didn’t need this crap.


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