Past, present & plans 8-18-16



I was stuck in the basement after watching a scary movie. Dad just called down and said, “Come up! Turn off the TV and light.” I turned the tube off and went upstairs.


Dad sternly said, “Go back down and turn off the light.” He wouldn’t let me turn the main light on, before I went back down. Walking down wasn’t so bad, but thinking about walking back up in the dark really scared me.


I walked to the lamp, slide my hand up under the shade and put right my thumb and index finger on the turn knob. Before turning the switch, I looked around for the monster. I thought maybe to peek behind the couch and move the coffee table out of the way first. Then quickly darkened the room and ran past the top step and slammed the door behind me.


Dad grabbed me with a big smile saying, “Good job son! You’re alright, don’t worry you’re alright” He hugged me so tight, that I could hardly breath. I felt so safe in his arms.




Now I make appointments to be scared. A lady is going to stick a needle in the front of my jaw, then pull real hard till she has what she wants. A wiggly tooth, it’s hurts to bite anything, but I still don’t want her to have it.


Last night was my first board meeting at the local “Christmas in April” organization. It was cool, but it interferes with our monthly Charles County Writers Association Meeting. I feel honored to sit on the board, but I have so much to learn about writing.




Over the next week I’ll pray about the conflict and talk to a few friends. I have a feeling what they will say. The board is a prideful ego stature building process, while the writing is a pure love.


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