Your three words, my little story 8-19-16

Gary’s words: nescience, grandiloquence & unprepossessing


My buddy Gary is an Astrophysicist, so when he gave me these words the first thing I did after I stopped laughing was look them up. WOW!!! This story is kind of long. Sorry, I try to keep them short, but I had fun with this one.


Gary took me to this, out of my league, party the other evening, because his girl friend couldn’t make it. That’s alright, because I’m between girlfriends right now anyway. Walking up to the door, he told me, “You might not know anyone here, but you should have fun. If nothing else, the food is always great.”


I’m dressed in my shorts, polo shirt and flip flops, well it’s a party. He’s dressed in jeans, button down shirt and tennis shoes. He knocked on door and we waited to be escorted to the gathering. After walking through the foyer and into the room I noticed women in gowns and men in tuxes. I immediately looked at Gary and he was already staring at me grinning at me from ear to ear. At least he wasn’t in a tux.


I’m not shy, so I accosted the first waiter walking by with a water and then went to the closest man I saw standing by himself and asked him, “What did he think of the game last night?”


He replied, “I’m sorry, but I’m NESCIENCE as to what you are speaking of.” I new right then, I was in for a long night.


Again, I looked at Gary, then turned back to the man and said, “The O’s beat Houston and Davis banged out two dingers.”


“Dingers? What ever do you mean?”


“Going yard, long balls, big fly, you know homeruns in baseball!”


“I know not of this game, baseball!” his indignation was apparent, then he said, “Sir, your attire is quiet UNPREPOSSESSING!”


I said, “Yeah I know, but what can you do?” I had no idea what he said, so I thought his GRANDILOQUENCE made him sound pompous and it reminded me of a politician.


Gary pulled me to the side and asked, “You want to go and leave these bombastic people in our dust? I was pulling your leg a little with this party. I also wanted to see how you would react. You don’t change much. That’s what I like about you”


“Thanks man. It’s easier that way, but I want to talk to her first.” Pointing at this very attractive lady. “Eat, then let’s go play some pool.”


North Carolina


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