Your three words, my little story: Dr. K’s words

Your three words, my little story

Dr. K’s words: boy, dog & shoe


Bandit at fourteen years old


The dog destroyed the boy’s shoe. I feel this sentence would be cheating, so here’s the story.


Doctor K was afraid of dogs ever since he was a little BOY. He never shook the fear that came with the terrifying DOG bite, fifty two years ago. The bite was deep into his right ankle and the dog wouldn’t let go, until the boy’s mom hit the dog with a bat. Then the mutt’s long sharp bloody teeth let go of his flesh, so painful for the frightened eight year old.


It was 1962 when his mom took him to the Wilson clinic that fall. A memory that will never be forgotten by Dr. K or his mom. Back then Sloan barely had a post office, so his mom had to travel an hour to get help. She wrapped his wound as tight as he would let her, but by the time they got there, the poor boys blood was all over the car seat. She realized later she could have put some newspaper under his leg, but who would blame her for not thinking about the car seat. All she wanted to do was get him to the doctor.


Not knowing whether the dog had rabies or not, steps would have to be taken to prevent further infection. The dog was nowhere to be found, so while the nurse was taking his SHOE off, the doctor was preparing to give the boy a series of shots. The doctor didn’t hide the needle very well, so when the kid saw it, he started crying. He yelled, “I just got bit by a huge mutt, now you want to stick that into me.”


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