Your three words, my little story: Gloria’s words

Your three words, my little story
Gloria’s words: patience, courage & love


Gloria has an extreme amount of LOVE and affection for her family. After all she was there for her children’s first steps, words, cuts and bruises. Life seemed to be coming up roses most of the time for her kids. Not all the time, but more than most.


However, her neighbor’s family was stricken with a killer disease, called Amyloidosis. It’s a rare disease with no cure, called Amy for short. Abnormal proteins are deposited in bone marrow and sometimes in the tissue or organs as well. It killed the mother, oldest son and now it has afflicted the mid thirty daughter.


The daughter came back home, so her dad can take care of her, especially since he has experience with the disease. Gloria new the family well, since they lived side by side for decades. She witnessed an extraordinary amount of COURAGE her neighbor’s had. Even though he has been devastated by this unforgiving killer, he still had a tremendous amount of PATIENCE with it. Now he has to watch his last child and only daughter fight the big the fight.


“I have and have had family members fall prey to this disease”


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