Random Thoughts: the garbage man (true story)

Random Thoughts: the garbage man (true story)


The other day I was pulling out of my development, when I saw a normal sight to most of us. Something that often goes undetected, it was the garbage man. He was on my side of the street getting ready to pull over to his side. He just picked up my neighbors trash and was heading to the next can. As we passed I threw up my hand and both the driver and the man hanging off of the back of the truck waved at me. They did not nod or give a little wave like motorcyclist do when they meet on the road. They both put up their hands and smiled, very vigorously I might add. They seemed to be so happy just to be noticed.


I’m a talkative friendly person and the older I get the more outgoing I become. I tip the mailman at Christmas and he seems to be very grateful for that, but when I wave at him I barely get a nod. I wave at my neighbors that are strangers and they either just barely put their hands up or don’t acknowledge me at all. I wave at my immediate neighbors and people that work at the marina and they barely do the same as my stranger neighbors. I admit sometimes people might not see me for whatever reason or their minds are on more pressing issues.


I have one friend that works at the marina and he goes out of his way to say hi to me, even yell it across the empty or busy compound. I’m sure he has no idea how grateful I am for that. To know people with a nice humble outgoing nature is one of the great pleasures in life. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that the more a person has the less sociable is the standard. Some people might think low of the garbage man, they work doing a job that most of us wouldn’t consider doing. They do it with a smile, while paying their bills.


Some of my carpentry work in the kitchen of a log cabin. 2012


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: the garbage man (true story)

  1. Oh yeah, I had to look to see what it was. That was a little job I did for a friend on his log cabin. It’s in the corner of his kitchen and we went to an old lumber yard and got some good oak. The boards that are going up and down are the new ones. I also built a hide-a-room in the basement and remodeled two bathrooms and a bunch of other stuff.


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