Past, present & plans 9-9-16

Past, present & plans 9-9-16




When we moved to Hughesville in ’65, we didn’t have running water. We had what I called walking water. My brother, George, and I carried gallon jugs of water from our neighbor. Two at a time through the weeds, from about three acres away. It seems to me I remember plastic gallon jugs. According to one website, “plastic gallon jugs were introduced in ’64.”


To take a bath we had to carry them up stairs in our old farm house. Mom would heat water on the stove and we would carry that up stairs also. I can’t remember the order, but each of us took a bath in the same water.




Matt registered the other day at the Clark Senior Center and today, his wife, Teresa, did too. We ate three lunches at the center and they were well worth a three dollar donation a piece.


After lunch Teresa went home, while Matt and I went to a Creative Writing class down the hall. There were eleven chairs filled with warm bodies, which I thought was pretty good. The teacher answered a question of mine that has plagued me for weeks.


The class is free to registered seniors and you can’t beat that.




A friend told me that Omega 3 fish oil has helped him with his general aches and pains. He said, “It took three weeks before it took affect.”


I bought a three month bottle. When I see the bottom of the bottle, I’ll tell you if my aches and pains are gone.



5 thoughts on “Past, present & plans 9-9-16

  1. Your bath water story reminds me of the old saying “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.”
    That came from the bath order father first, other males, females then the baby is last. By the time the baby was washed the water was murky at best. Ahhh the good old days.

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