Past, present & plans: 9-17-16

Past, present & plans 9-17-16


I was eleven years old, when my brother, George, and I tried out for the Hughesville Pony League baseball team. Neither one of us could hit, throw or catch. We were terrible, but we had a reason; the only thing I ever did with a baseball glove was throw a rubber ball against a building and caught it when it bounced back to me. George didn’t do that much.

Dad was probably as embarrassed as we were, so he took a little part of the farm land and made us a baseball field. Immediately we started practicing our hitting, pitching and fielding. We would listen to the Washington Senators baseball team on our transistor radio and took turns as the pitcher and the catcher. Every time the big league team would switch batting and fielding we would switch pitching and catching.
We made the team the following year.


I couldn’t reach my writing buddy, Matt, today, so I went to the local, “Life Journey Writers Guild” in Waldorf, by myself. We heard about the meeting two weeks ago; so, this was my first time there. It’s a two hour session that meets once a month.

I feel I can learn a lot and it will be a good networking element. It will cost twenty five dollars annually, which I will gladly scrape together. I’m anxious for next month’s meeting, since I really enjoyed myself.


Yesterday, we added a guest blogger, Gwyn Warren, and I can’t wait for her next story. Tomorrow I hope to add another guest blogger who will go by the pen name, “sweetpea” with a lower case, “s”.

I have been slacking a little on my writing the last couple of days, so I think I will catch up tomorrow before and after the Redskins one o’clock game.


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