How ya like my hat? Skin’s hat 2

How ya like my hat? Skin’s hat 2


I was sweating so much, that I was afraid to put my hats on their hips.

As you can see this hat attracts women and I used to wear it everywhere I went. I knew; it hypnotically charmed the ladies, but no one else did. I kept it a secret, because I was alright with it.

A couple of years ago, I was enjoying one of my favorite joys in life; yard sailing, when this lady was getting closer and closer to me. She gently rubbed her right side against my left side and of course I was enjoying every minute of this. However, her boyfriend wasn’t and he made his objections known when he yelled, “WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?”


I turned while shrugging my shoulders, when I saw how big he was. A huge young man and I wanted no part of him. I tried to say something, but all I could do was stutter.


I knew how to fix the problem though, so I simply took off the hat. The young lady all of sudden moved to her left and looked at me with disgust, while saying to her boyfriend, “What?”

Again, I shrugged my shoulders and looked at her in dismay. When they started arguing, I slipped away to safety, to my right and never looked back.

Just messin. Can’t remember when or where I got the hat, but I retired it when it ran out of room to add anymore game pins on it.


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