How ya like my hat? Home Depot hat

How ya like my hat? Home Depot hat


I’m sure you can’t make out what’s written on this hat; so I’ll tell you, it’s a “Home Depot” hat. I paid a dollar for it in Waldorf, MD., but haven’t worn it till we were in Murphy, NC.


I wore my “Home Depot” hat; while shopping for thumb tacks, roofing nails and water filters in “Lowes”. We walked right past the thumb tacks on aisle three heading to the fasteners on aisle five. After we picked up the roofing nails, I stopped a Lowe’s employee and said, “Thumb tacks?”


He thought for a second then told his boss, Mike, “He’s looking for thumb tacks.”


Mike said, “They’re right over here sir, on aisle three.”


I asked Mike, “Why didn’t I see them when I walked in?”


He replied, “You might be blinded by that hat you’re wearing.” We laughed and I was happy that he noticed my hat.


As we were hunting for the filters, I mentioned to another employee, “You know my aunt Betty died a couple months ago.” She looked a little befuddled, then I said, “Sometimes you would sit next to her in church.”


She said, “Is she the one that…”


I cut her off and told her, “I’m messin’ with you. I just wanted to flirt a little.” She smiled as I walked away.


I didn’t get as much fun out of this hat as thought I would, but I got enough to write this little story.


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