Your three words, my little story: Rhonda’s words

Your three words, my little story
Rhonda’s words: natural, gifts & passion


His birthday was tomorrow and she finally found the ideal presents in the classifieds. After a phone call she got directions to a place she had never heard of or been to and it was four hours away.


The phone rang and rang when she called her friend, so she left a message, “Tonight I have an adventure. Want to come with me? I can pick you up at seven.” She called two more times with no answer, so by the time she told her husband, “Have a nice night at work honey,” she figured she would go by herself.


He leaned in to kiss her and said, “Love you baby, see you in the morning.”


She couldn’t tell him about the trip so she said, “Love you too.” Getting his GIFTS were the only thing on her mind, but this trip felt any thing but NATURAL and any other time she wouldn’t have gone.




The long dark driveway had tall pine trees lining both sides of the dirt road, so the only light she saw was the crescent moon shining between the tree tops and the eerie light at the end of the driveway. She was beginning to wonder if she made a mistake; she had a purse full of money, wasn’t familiar with her surroundings and was frightened beyond belief. She figured she came this far, might as well continue.


As she parked her car she noticed the light at the end of the driveway was a dim porch light attached to a structure, that looked like it was about to fall down at any moment. She was all but shaking in her boots, when she walked up the steps to the oldest, creepiest house she had ever seen. She stood in front of the door and barely had enough courage or strength to knock, but she did.


The door slowly swung open as the old hinges made sang a hair-raising song. Her left foot stepped back, when a figure appeared in the doorway. She felt so relieved to see a frumpy dressed older woman with gloves and a scarf on. “You must be Rhonda.”


“Yes I am, Mrs. Williams.”


“Please call me Willa. Hope you can forgive me for the cold, but please come in. The cards are in the living room.”


Rhonda was ready to play hardball to pay the cheapest price possible for the rare baseball cards. After talking with the lady for just a few moments she her mind. Realizing this sweet old lady didn’t have enough money for heat or food.


They sat down at the couch and looked through the folders of cards, then decided on a fair price for the several cards she came to see. These cards were going to be a great addition to her husband’s PASSION. “Willa, I hope I can come back and get some more of your cards?”


“Oh yes, my dear. That would be lovely. This is all I have left of my son when he died and I feel it’s going to good use.”


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