Your three words, my little story: Mrs. Mack’s words

Your three words, my little story
Mrs. Mack’s words: ennui, chomp & cradle


He’s been listless and bored for as long as he can remember. At first he thought he suffered from depression, but he had no way of confirming that prognosis. So he moved on to another self prescribed diagnosis, this time it was his food intake.


He went on a diet called “The Hallelujah Diet”, it consists of strictly fruits and vegetables. He read that this diet would give him a new found energy. After a month he noticed his energy level was up and he lost thirty pounds during the experience.


Now he knew the food he should eat, but he still wanted a hamburger. He thought going off the diet for a day wouldn’t hurt. So he headed to the local “Burger King” to buy a Whopper, Whopper Jr., fries and shake.


To watch him CRADLE that burger was a sight to see. It looked like he was protecting a baby. You knew he couldn’t wait to CHOMP into it.


The next day he did the same thing and in the afternoon he noticed he was right back in the same ENNUI, fatigued state from a month ago.


To attain your new desire, you must give up an old one.


By Jim McDonald


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