How ya like my hat? Forest Park Baptist Church hat

How ya like my hat? Forest Park Baptist Church hat


This is not a very good view of the hat, but I like the action photo of me playing slow pitch softball. Well, except for that big belly. Our team was “Forest Park Baptist Church” and it was part of the “Southern Maryland All Faith League”. Lot’s of fun to be had all around, winning or losing.


I can tell, that I was the coach that year, because of the color of the hat and jersey. They used to be light blue, but I thought green would fit the name, Forest, better. So we took a vote and changed the color.


Considering the direction everyone is looking, I must have hit the ball towards left field. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a dribbler to third.


During my tenure at the church, I played every position except pitcher, first, left field and center field. I normally played third all my life, but by this time of my life my best position was second. I still had a good glove, but my arm was old.


One year when we were still in the blue jerseys, God used me to schedule and play a game against the local “Southern Maryland Pre-release Unit”. I used to deliver the Gospel Message there for several years, till there was an incident. The state shut down all incoming volunteer outreaches to that facility. The game was before that happened.


Some of the guys were apprehensive about going into the intitution, but again we took a vote and everyone on our team stepped up and played for Jesus. There was no sermon, no preaching just the good ole American past time. Can’t remember who won, but it was a great game and day.


It wasn’t this game, but I do remember hitting one to short and the fighter in me wanted to run it out. My mind and the top part of my body were going faster than the bottom part of my body, so half way to first I fell flat on my face. I gave the safe sign, which got a good laugh from everyone. Thank God there was no camera that day.


I think I would like to lose the weight and play some more, if my lungs and back would allow it.


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