Random thoughts: Love or lust

Random thoughts: Love or lust



Do you love the flag or lust the ladies. I guess you can do both. Sadly I did not take this picture.


I have searched for love all my life and often my search has led me astray. I have also followed lust in all the wrong directions. For years alcohol and drugs have mired both of these emotions, but not anymore.


At best, I’m a six and that’s because of my personality not my looks. If my appearance were the only aspect that counted. I’d probably score less than a five.


I am guilty of lusting after women and confusing that with love. Sadly, I feel I have been with my soulmate already and didn’t realize it at the time. She was the perfect woman, for me anyway.


Lust for me doesn’t mean what it use to. It means a strong desire to have or accomplish something; such as, a tasty hamburger, the desire to hug my grandkids or winning the lottery.





I don’t search for love anymore, but I see it everywhere; in a man and a woman, a parent and a child and of course the simple friends.





Do I really love the Redskins or is that a word I easily pick out of my blue collar imagination? Love and lust are strong emotions and both have their place in our vocabulary and life.


Vera Grace



Nieces, Crystal and Christy, my bother George and my sister Debbie


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