How ya like my hat? Jesus hat

How ya like my hat? Jesus hat


I already included this hat under the guise of “Your three words, my little story”. Here is my final edition of this hat.



How ya like my hat? Jesus most certainly is my Boss


Some hats I buy, because I like the sport team. Some because they’re funny, interesting or simply I like what’s written on them. This one is the later.


My boss IS Jesus! In 1990, I made a decision that affected my whole life. It was when I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savoir. I am not perfect by no stretch of the imagination, but I am a much better person now that Jesus is in my life.


I lost my home several years ago and now I live on a fifty four foot houseboat. This means I have very little room to store or keep things.


After I buy a hat, take a picture of it, I then try to find a nice home for it. This nice looking head covering was sitting in my van for weeks, when I came across an old friend walking the neighborhood.


I put my van in park and we talked of old and new times. I’ve always felt this is how people should visit, right where the time presents it’s self.


She was leaning on the van, telling me about the conversation she was having with God, while shading her eyes from the sun. It was so nice to see how enthusiastic she is about her relationship was with God. I peacefully listened in silence.


God often presents me with little signs, reminding me of His presence. This one was perfect. I reached into the back seat to get my friend Debbie, her new hat and I sat quietly in my seat as I handed her this gift from God. It was a flawless moment in time, that I shared with Debbie and most importantly we shared it with God.


Love y’all.


Have a great day, unless you have made other plans.


Guest blog: God’s Perfect Love by Gwyn Dooley

God’s Perfect Love by Gwyn Dooley


One night in a dream I was kneeling to pray


When I asked the Lord to show me a more perfect way


Lord, I said, I’m hurting; I was forsaken by a friend


And I know I must forgive him, who against me did sin


But it sees almost impossible, an overwhelming task


Show me the way, dear Lord, this I humbly ask


My hope is in you, O’ God, grant me this I pray


Place me on an eagle’s wing and let me fly away


To soar across the sky above in search of your perfect love


So far above this earthly plane, where only a Father’s love can reign


Guide me with your loving hand and take me to the place you stand


Where you gaze upon the hearts of men, who struggle and toil in a world of sin


Grant me a view from your lofty height, where nothing is hid from your keen sight


So the Lord did answer and I went flying through the air


Soaring on that eagle’s wing, not a worry or a care


Up and up I thought we would go but instead we went down, to the earth below


On and on we traveled to a far, distant land


To a place quite ordinary, just desert and sand


What grand thing did I come here to see?


The eagle took me closer and sat me on a tree


In the sky above me was a black, roaring cloud


And on the ground below me was a hissing, angry crowd


I was feeling uneasy and wanted to go home


When somewhere to the left of me I heard a pitiful moan


I saw a man, bloody and beaten, on the ground struggling to rise


When Roman soldiers kicked him and spat into his eyes


“Hail! King of the Jews!” they bowed to him and said


“My, what a splendid crown that rests upon your head!”


The crowd jeered and laughed at a King battered and torn


Upon whose sagging head lay a prickly crown of thorns


I watched as they led him up that steep craggy hill


And I stood up in wonder, for he went of his own free will


“Run!” I cried. “Fight back! What is wrong with you?”


But he said, “Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.”


He looked just like a lamb taken up to slaughter that day


He did not open his mouth. No, not a word did he say


I watched as he was lifted up, to the sky above


There displayed on a cursed cross was God’s own perfect love


I’d found what I was looking for, hanging on a cross


Now everything I had gained in life I count it all as loss


Jesus said, “You can’t love God if you hate your brother


So as I have loved you, then you too should love one another.


Above all things have love, for it covers a multitude of sins


For greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends!”



By: Gwyn Dooley



Photo by Gwynn Dooley

Your three words, my little story: Tim’s words

Your three words, my little story
Tim’s words: chicken, beak and olive


It was Saturday morning and it wasn’t his kids that woke him, it was the rooster. It seems that the egg beater got louder and louder every week. If he had known that hens didn’t need a rooster to lay eggs, he wouldn’t have bought the noisy critter. The kids named him, The Rowdy Rooster, or he would have been gone a long time ago.


As he struggled to hop out of the bed he heard the faint sound of, The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show coming from downstairs. Next is Popeye the sailor and his girl OLIVE Oyl. This reminded him of his childhood favorites Jonny Quest and The Road Runner


As he fed the chickens he knew which CHICKEN was going to do the headless dance later that afternoon, so he tried not look at it.


For weeks he’s been listening to band called BEAK and hasn’t figured out if he likes them or not. Their music is surely upbeat, but maybe a little too electronic for him. Lately though, when it’s time to pick a chicken for dinner he plays their song, The Meader and that seems to put him in the mood for the beheading.