How ya like my hat? Jesus hat

How ya like my hat? Jesus hat


I already included this hat under the guise of “Your three words, my little story”. Here is my final edition of this hat.



How ya like my hat? Jesus most certainly is my Boss


Some hats I buy, because I like the sport team. Some because they’re funny, interesting or simply I like what’s written on them. This one is the later.


My boss IS Jesus! In 1990, I made a decision that affected my whole life. It was when I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savoir. I am not perfect by no stretch of the imagination, but I am a much better person now that Jesus is in my life.


I lost my home several years ago and now I live on a fifty four foot houseboat. This means I have very little room to store or keep things.


After I buy a hat, take a picture of it, I then try to find a nice home for it. This nice looking head covering was sitting in my van for weeks, when I came across an old friend walking the neighborhood.


I put my van in park and we talked of old and new times. I’ve always felt this is how people should visit, right where the time presents it’s self.


She was leaning on the van, telling me about the conversation she was having with God, while shading her eyes from the sun. It was so nice to see how enthusiastic she is about her relationship was with God. I peacefully listened in silence.


God often presents me with little signs, reminding me of His presence. This one was perfect. I reached into the back seat to get my friend Debbie, her new hat and I sat quietly in my seat as I handed her this gift from God. It was a flawless moment in time, that I shared with Debbie and most importantly we shared it with God.


Love y’all.


Have a great day, unless you have made other plans.


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