How ya like my hat?: Little hat.

How ya like my hat?: Little hat.


Raymond and I, were at a thrift store in North Carolina a few years ago, where I found twenty or so hats for cheap.


I was trying some of them on, when one of the salesman walked up to me and asked, “What kind of hat are you looking for?”


I told him, “I have this bit on Facebook called, How ya like my hat? I often look for Washington Redskin hats, but sometimes I come across one that say’s, Write about me.”


He picked up this little one and asked, “What does this one say to you?”


“It says, I have a big head.”


“Well it doesn’t fit very good that’s for sure.” We both laughed at his little joke. “But it’s funny looking. Think of the story you can write!”


Afterwards I took the hat up to the cash register, but had no idea what kind of story I was going to tell you. As I was walking away from the counter, I heard him tell the girl who took my money, “Did you see the stupid little hat I sold to that Redskin fan? I told you I could sell it.”


She said, “If he only knew you were a Dallas Cowboy fan.”


Just messin about the guy talking me into buying it. I saw it and bought it for three dollars, just so I can show it to you.


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