How ya like my hat? Flag hat

How ya like my hat? Flag hat



United States Of America


I was visiting DC yesterday, when I saw a small demonstration in the middle of the street. It caught my eye, because it was colorful and loud. There were only a few dozen people, but still enough to block the road.


Even though I know DC very well, the notion of turning around irritated me. Especially, since in my view these people were demeaning my country.



I live about fourty five minutes south of DC


I parked fifty feet away, then walked to vender that was selling Americana paraphernalia. I bought a hat, flag and some water.


I had no problem sneaking into the small crowd. When I was in the middle of it, I put the hat on and raised my flag high yelling, “Hey! Hey! USA!”


I noticed my actions were causing problems with my adversaries, because they started shouldering up to me and were nudging me out.


Some by-standers noticed this, so they went to the same vendor and picked up some hats and flags. More and more people joined me in my chant. “Hey! Hey! USA!” We yelled this over and over and soon out numbered the picketers.



God bless America


It was quite funny, because some of the demonstrators started chanting with us. Since we outnumbered the incumbents, we started nudging them out.


Before you knew it, we were the only ones chanting, then the crowd slowly dissipated until I looked around and I was the only one there.


At that point I felt a little stupid standing in the street all by myself, so I left.


Is this story fact or fiction?


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