Random thoughts: Veterans Day

Random thoughts: Veterans Day


My dad, James F McDonald, at Arlington National Cemetery. He has been there since 1975 and now mom is buried on top of him.

Happy Veteran’s Day every one.


Dad and me at Camp Bussac, France in 1955

My father and son are both veterans of the Army. I wish them both a very special thanks for protecting me and my way of life by their service overseas.


Dad, probably before I was born.

Dad did his twenty and I’m so proud to be his son. Years back my dad would not let us kids go to school on Veteran’s Day. I didn’t understand then as I do now how important this day is.


Jamie at Fort Hood, Texas.

My son went through boot camp, hung out at Fort Hood, Texas and spent time in Kuwait. I’m very proud to be his dad.


Jamie, probably in 2006.

I thought I would see more posts today about our veterans. Sadly that wasn’t the case.

Thanks to all the veterans as you served to protect the United States of America.


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