Your three words, my little story: Derrick’s words

Your three words, my little story
Derrick’s words: pony, breakfast & beer



Gravy, biscuits, bacon and eggs.


BREAKFAST always comes early on a farm and Derrick’s homestead is no different. After his usual gravy over biscuits, bacon and few eggs, he’s ready to take care of the ranch.



This cow is full of milk.


First he milks the cows, then feeds the chickens and ponies after that he slops the pigs. Two hours later his wife brings him a bottle of water while he catches his breath on a bale of hay. On her way back to the house she feeds the chickens and gathers the eggs.


chicken farm

A flock of chickens and a few roosters.


Last year his wife named the ranch’s new addition Princess, when Derrick had a beautiful Newfoundland PONY delivered from Canada. It’s a rare breed to begin with, but Princess was even more so because she’s white. Next week she will be entered in her first ever pony show.





On Sundays, Wednesday & Fridays he lavishes his wife with what has become their very special treat. If you add a little root BEER to a full glass of ice cream it makes for a real nice refreshment. Most nights one glass is not enough.


Root beer floats.



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