Your three words, my little story: Tricia’s words

Your three words, my little story
Tricia’s words: toenail, bark & lemon



My friend and our poet Gwyn Dooley. I am reposting this photo, because I think it fits this post.


Jim doesn’t like to clip his nails in the house and it doesn’t matter if it’s a fingernail or a TOENAIL. So he goes to the back porch and lets them fly.


His good friend Bandit watches his every move, but especially when he clips his nails. If they just drop at Jim’s feet, Bandit watches it then pays it no mind. Sometimes his nails can fly five or six feet; when that happens, Bandit chases it, smells it then she’ll BARK at it. Jim laughs at that, so now he tries to pop them for distance.



Jamie, Bandit and Billy in 2006


One day Jim was preparing to grill some burgers, so Bandit followed the plate of food outside and sat down about ten feet away. He doesn’t like it, when Bandit appears to be begging while at the cooking or eating area. So he motions with his head to shoo her away and she leaves.



Bandit at fourteen. She’s wondering how bad she has to go. 😃


When Bandit was a pup though, she wouldn’t go away so easily, sometimes not at all. One day when Jim was frying some Tilapia, he put the olive oil in the pan, threw the fish in, spiced it up and squirted some LEMON juice on it. Bandit was begging at the smell of the food, so as he nodded her away he squirted her face with the juice. All Jim has to do now is nod his head to the left or right and Bandit leaves. It’s funny, but poor Bandit.



She found out she likes the snow



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