How ya like my hat? Burger King hat

How ya like my hat? Burger King hat



Taken in 2012 at Burger King on 301 in La Plata, Md


I followed her out of the lounge, through the city streets and into the park wishing I had a camera.


I sat on the bench behind her, as she stood motionlessly watching hundreds of ducks in and around the pond. To my dismay she finally sat down on the left side of her bench and started feeding them.



September 13, 2015 in Pennsylvania


She was wearing an ugly paper Burger King hat, that didn’t come close to matching her attire. When I finally took the plunge, I stood and awkwardly walked to her right and asked, “May I join you?”


At that moment, sirens from what seemed to be a police chase, echoed off the pond and through the trees and bushes. Instead of answering me she said, “Duck!”


I replied, “Why? I’m not wanted by the police.”


“No. I mean duck,” as she pointed to a baby duck at my feet.


“Oh wow! I never noticed, I was too busy looking at your hat.”


“Only my hat?”



The Rock and Roll McDonald’s in Waldorf, MD gave this hat to me


I grinned and said, “You look nice today.” I have a two McDonald’s hats, but nothing like that one.”



The La Plata McDonald’s on 301 gave this hat to me


“Yeah, I lost a bet to a guy that works at Wendy’s. We all make fun of this stupid hat.”


“What was the bet?”


“I bet him, that he would fail his English test. He passed, so I had to walk to the park in a bikini of his choosing, high heels and this hat.”



A nice photo I got off the internet.


“ I must say, he has a nice eye for fashion,” then I asked her, “Can I get a picture?”


“Of me in my bikini?”


“No, of me in that hat. Can you take a picture of me wearing it?”


She seemed stunned, but said, “Sure.”



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