Poetry by Jim: We’re all Invited in

Poetry by Jim: We’re all Invited in


knows what you’ve done
and where you’ve been
quietly He tells us all
we’re all invited in


He loves everyone
regardless of our sin
catches us when we fall
because we’re all invited in


faith says I’ve only begun
so don’t play the violin
trust Him till He calls
we’re all invited in


God’s slack to none
He forgives from within
2nd Peter 3:9 won’t shun
because we’re all invited in

by Jim McDonald


Poetry by Jim: I’m gone

Poetry by Jim: I’m gone

thought you knew
my love was true
I suffered no clue
you laid with a few

you blame the drug
or maybe the jug
you imply ba humbug
then hide it with a hug

her ample beauty is thin
it ceases below the skin
her self regard starts then
I’ll never trust her again

you done me wrong
for much to long
so bang the gong
because I’m gone

by Jim McDonald

Poetry by Jim: My Depression

Poetry by Jim: My Depression


I sit
I lay
I stare
I stand


but don’t relax
but don’t rest
but don’t focus
but don’t test


I whisper
I scream
I touch
I weep


but don’t speak
but don’t fly
but don’t feel
but don’t cry


I breath
I creep
I peek
I hide


but don’t exhale
but don’t reveal
but don’t uncover
but don’t conceal


you notice
you question
you worry
you forget


but can’t grasp
but can’t relate
but can’t fathom
I can’t


by Jim McDonald