Poetry by Jim: déjà vu

Poetry by Jim: déjà vu.

the caller ID
screamed out her name
I shivered with joy
did she feel the same

he’s hurt she said
her brother she meant
please come and help
my fears won’t relent

I rushed to her aid
not knowing the plight
she pointed that way
too familiar the sight

I stepped to his form
I saw pale as a bone
I thought I’d be brave
I reached for my phone

A twenty five in his ear
a really good friend
little blood this time
not like my kin

déjà vu I did feel
before was my brother
mom called me then
now it’s another

surprised I was not
his pains were many
physically he hurt
and fervor was plenty

she trembled with shock
she couldn’t communicate
she couldn’t even murmur
she thought am I awake

he sat without motion
his name was Mike
he’ll never smile again
he looked ghostlike

call turned from pleasure
to pain and despair
I look at her now
still a nightmare

by Jim McDonald


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