Your three words, my little story Brian’s words: elephant, evergreen and semantics

Brian’s words: elephant, evergreen and semantics


Brian takes a vacation every five years. In ’97 he had the opportunity to ride a camel, but he let his friend, Roger, talk him out of it. Roger said, “Camels are filthy creatures and you’ll smell like one all day.”


Since it was morning Brian agreed saying, “It would be cool though.” Now, twenty years later, he wishes he could change that memory, by riding the animal.


Ten years ago Brian rode a Red Kangaroo, but he had to use a saddle, because a group of animal rights activists were staged in the area at the time. He also took a whirl on an Emu, which he thought was easier to handle. On that same trip, he stood within fifteen feet of a crocodile. However, he had no desire to travel on the reptile.


In January he’s going to Cape Town in south Africa. He chose January because of the meager rain fall and relatively low temperatures, considering how hot it can get there.


He has the time and desire, but not enough money. His fix is to sell Christmas Trees and he just made a deal to purchase five hundred evergreens. Buying that many meant that one EVERGREEN would cost him a paltry two dollars, as long as he cut and hauled them himself.


On this trip he hopes to ride an ELEPHANT. He would rather sit on the African bush elephant, though he would also enjoy a trip on the smaller African forest elephant. The difference to him is simple SEMANTICS, as long as he can perch atop one of the animals and maybe see a gorilla also.




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