My trip back from Pennsylvania

Here are some photos from several different places on my way back from PA.

The first one is from an over look at Mount Summit on route 40, the view is of Uniontown, PA and the surrounding area.


Uniontown valley and vacinity CEWM


The second one is Sideling Hill, on I 68 in PA, then as I was walking back down from the walking bridge I took the one of the mountains to the south of Sideling Hill Bridge.

Sidling Hill CEWM
Sidling Hill 1 CEWM

Photos 3, 4, 5 & 6 are at Ohio Pyle Falls, PA. I was expecting a waterfall and there was one somewhere near by, but I was too exhausted to find it. This was still a gorgeous setting though.


Ohiofalls 1 CEWM


Ohiofalls 6 CEWM

Ohiofalls 7 CEWM

Ohiofalls 9 CEWM


The last two are in the same area of Ohio Pyle Falls, but it’s called the Water Slides on Meadow Run.


Ohiofalls Slides CEWM

Ohiofalls Slides 2 CEWM

More photos to come of the Harper Ferry area.


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