Sold Nine Books of Poetry at CAM

Morning Everyone

The lady in blue made me cry. She made me so happy too.

Had good weather for Coastal Arts Market (CAM) on Saturday August 21st at the Leonardtown Wharf in Southern Maryland. Anytime I get to talk to someone about my poetry feels good, but when they buy my books of poetry it’s a great feeling. That means someone wanted to read what I have to say – sold nine books. A few bought both books. I love all my new friends, but the lady standing next to me in the first photo read a third of my first book right there in front of me and she was ecstatic over every poem she read aloud. I was tearing up during that, but of course I hid that little tidbit.

As you see she bought both of my books.
That is a popper scooper the teenager is holding. Is that cool or what?
This couple was so nice. He had a smile the whole time. Smiles are important.

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