How ya like my hat? – welder glasses hat

Hi guys,

It has been awhile since I posted a ‘How ya like my Hat?’ photo and story. Here’s my latest.

I was wearing my newest hat, while visiting my grandson in San Diego, when I was approached by a man with a request that seemed a little odd to me.

White Plains Flea Market

He said, “I am producing a film called, Strange Things you see on the Street”. I saw you and thought, “You might fit that title.”

I replied with, “Are you calling me strange?”

“No, but your hat is.”

“Oh” then paused for a moment and said, “You are the first person on the west coast that talked to me other than my grandson and your comment took me by surprise. However, I am from the east coast and people that know me say I am strange, weird and a little crazy. You made me feel right at home. Thank you.”

Then I noticed a lady checking me out and attentively listening to the conversation, so I nodded at her and said, “Hi.”

She smiled, got real close and said, “I like your hat. Can I have it?” She put her arm through my arm, batted the biggest brown eyes and kissed me on the cheek.

Well, anyone that knows me, knows at that point I am ready to do almost anything she wanted, but before I could respond the dude said, “Wait, wait, wait. I might have a spot for you in my movie, you can be a star. Although, it is predicated on you wearing that hat, dressed the way you are and keeping that unshaven look.

Brown eye said, “I am a very friendly girl. Can we talk a trade of some sort?”

I thought movie, money and fame, then looked at the brown eyed girl and thought, “A bird in the hand is worth…”

Photo taken at White Plains Flea Market on 1-23-22


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