Random thoughts: Saturday’s Ice Cream

Saturday’s Ice Cream


Saturday was not a day of rest and relaxation, but it was a day of fun and friends.


For close to a year now, I’ve been a member of a Charles County, MD. writers group called, Life Journeys Writers Guild (LJWG). From 2pm to 5pm on Saturday, July the 29th, close to sixty LJWG members were in attendance to our Big Quarterly meeting.




It was held at Regency Furniture Stadium in Waldorf, MD., which houses our Independent League baseball team, the Blue Crabs. We occupied the luxurious Legends Club, overlooking the field; with laughter, good finger food and two great speakers. By the way, we are always looking for new members.




The Blue Crabs had a game after our meeting and those who wanted to watch it were given free tickets. About a dozen of us stayed and enjoyed the game.




It was a Star Wars theme, and we enjoyed all the characters that were prodded out for our amusement. Our fearless leader, Yvonne Medley, was full of laughter as she guided us to a great day. You can see her hiding behind our collection of writers, next to the big blue and white critter called, Pinch.



Pinch and the group


Around the fourth inning, I set out on a very important mission. I braved the crowds by myself in search of the perfect ice cream cone. My first stop was the rest room, then I walked past the alcohol vendor, but I was distracted by an image of immense satisfaction and missed the first ice cream spot.



The distraction, six Redskinnets ‘The First Ladies of Football’.


I’m a Washington Redskin fan, so the colors of burgundy, white and gold stand out. The unexpected vision of beauty momentarily froze me in place. However, it didn’t take long to move my feet and get a closer look at those colors.


As usual I like to get right in the middle of things, confirmed by the photo below. I might be old, but I ain’t dead yet. Can you tell by my grin? I hung out and flirted with these scantily clad young ladies, till I ran out of lies to tell them about my greatness.



At the Regency Furniture Stadium with six of my newest fantasies


After I bought their personally signed calendar, I turned and went back to the group. The guys were secretly giving me kudos, while the women of the group ribbed me about my purchase. Needless to say, I forgot all about the ice cream and had to go back later to get it.



Back cover



Front cover, Erika

Privacy Settings

Privacy Settings


Lately, I’ve been wondering why I haven’t got a like or comment from any of my Facebook post lately. Nothing from the past three weeks, specifically on my personal Facebook page. Somehow, by accident, I set my privacy settings to one person. Big mistake and they never liked or commented anyway. Too funny.


As I try to get my writing career off the ground, a few people, who know more about this business than me, suggested I take few steps.


• First: start a blog – I did that a year and a half ago. In April of 2017, I turned my blog into my website called, ‘From my Head to Yours’ jfmcdonaldjr.com


• Second: write and post at least once a week. I do that also. However, in April when I published my book of poetry, ‘Twilight to Son Shine’, I slid away from writing. I was trying to promote my book and of course myself to gain sales and notoriety. Lately, I’ve got back into writing about my ‘hats’ and ‘three words’ among other categories. While doing that, I try to write and post in one of these categories five times a week.


• Third: start a Facebook business page – that was accomplished a month or so ago. I’m gathering more friends, so I can add more likes to my page. Again, I’m trying to brand myself as a writer.


Please remember I’m new to the writing field, and I love it immensely. I’m anxious to learn and I relate all these suggestions as gold to my newly chosen career. So if I overload your inbox with a high number of post and it bums you out, I apologize. Please bare with me, oh and please buy my book at the link below.
Also remember, I can use reviews on Amazon and my FB writing page.

Open-Mic night at Urban Bar-B-Que

Open-Mic night at Urban Bar-B-Que


I feel my first open-mic night went well. It was at Urban Bar-B-Que in La Plata, MD., behind Panera Bread. I was sandwiched between four musical artist’s. With them present the turn out was standing room only.



June 20, 2017 at Urban Bar-B-Que in La Plata, MD


I was nervous and under the lights, I perspired more than normal, so that must have been a lot of sweat. Six friends came and three of them brought dates. It was nice to know, that my outing was a source for a date night. Pretty cool…


I opened with a couple of jokes, which relaxed me and made me feel a little more comfortable. Glad people laughed and the jokes weren’t duds. After that I introduced myself and my book of poetry, Twilight to Son Shine, then I read two poems from it, Mom and De’ja’ vu. With sweat dripping in my eyes, I read two more poems from my book, Life Changes, which is due out on September 1, 2017. Those poems were called Deadly Drugs and Blue Bench.


Sales were good, seven more happy customers and their pictures will follow soon. A couple of friends shot videos, when I get them I will post them too.


If you missed the opportunity to watch how nervous I can get, you will have the chance again shortly. Looks like this might be a venue, I want to continue.


Remember the beatniks, I’m bringing them back. Don’t forget to snap your fingers.


Things that interest me: 2017 Artsfest of Charles County

2017 Artsfest of Charles County


I had a real good day yesterday at the Artsfest in La Plata, MD. Sold sixteen books, ‘Twilight to Son Shine’, and payments were received by cash and my new card reader. I needed help from a customer to teach me how use my new reader, that was funny. I probably gave my spiel to a hundred people.



Charles County Arts & Alliance (CCAA)


It was sunny and hot, towards the end of the day, my back was hurting, I was out of breath, out of energy and a little sick to my stomach from the heat. However, I trudged through and had a great day and was so happy with the outcome.



Lori, me and Laura at Artsfest after Lori bought two books. Thanks Lori.



I want to thank Matt Jones, Meghan Harmon and Lew McIntyre for making a special point to visit me. They brought me some treasured memories and I’m very grateful for their friendships and support.


‘Life’s Journey Writers Guild’, also known as ‘the guild’ and ‘LJWG’, reserved two spots and I shared one of them with my new friend Carla. She can probably tell you my spiel word for word by now. Customers were attracted to her nice shiny jewelry and while they were leaving her table some stopped by mine. I think we made a good team.



‘the guild’



LJWG of Charles County is an organization of writers headed by our President and writer/editor Yvonne Medley. We meet every third Saturday of the month at the ‘Waldorf West Library’ in Waldorf, from 2:30 to 4:30. Please come out and check us out. We might just be what you’re looking for, to help you with your book.


After the Artsfest, I clocked in at a well attended fundraiser for ‘Christmas in April’. The function was also the used as the transformation from the title of ‘Christmas in April’ to ‘Rebuilding Together’. Good food, good people and a good time.



The Charles County board of Rebuilding Together


‘Christmas in April’, will still have our annual event day on the last Saturday in April, but partnering with ‘Rebuilding Together’ gives us the ability to help more people of need on days other than just the end of April.


I got started at 6:30am and was home at 9:30pm. Those were normal hours in my youth, but now a days it’s a stretch to do half of that. Both events were so exciting and such a treasure. I love writing and working with my family of ‘Rebuilding Together’.



Charles County, Maryland