Privacy Settings

Privacy Settings


Lately, I’ve been wondering why I haven’t got a like or comment from any of my Facebook post lately. Nothing from the past three weeks, specifically on my personal Facebook page. Somehow, by accident, I set my privacy settings to one person. Big mistake and they never liked or commented anyway. Too funny.


As I try to get my writing career off the ground, a few people, who know more about this business than me, suggested I take few steps.


• First: start a blog – I did that a year and a half ago. In April of 2017, I turned my blog into my website called, ‘From my Head to Yours’


• Second: write and post at least once a week. I do that also. However, in April when I published my book of poetry, ‘Twilight to Son Shine’, I slid away from writing. I was trying to promote my book and of course myself to gain sales and notoriety. Lately, I’ve got back into writing about my ‘hats’ and ‘three words’ among other categories. While doing that, I try to write and post in one of these categories five times a week.


• Third: start a Facebook business page – that was accomplished a month or so ago. I’m gathering more friends, so I can add more likes to my page. Again, I’m trying to brand myself as a writer.


Please remember I’m new to the writing field, and I love it immensely. I’m anxious to learn and I relate all these suggestions as gold to my newly chosen career. So if I overload your inbox with a high number of post and it bums you out, I apologize. Please bare with me, oh and please buy my book at the link below.
Also remember, I can use reviews on Amazon and my FB writing page.


2 thoughts on “Privacy Settings

  1. I think you’re doing great! Many blessings to you Jim – and to all you connect with on this adventure. 🙂 It takes a lot of courage to get out there & share what means something to you. Blessings, Debbie

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