Kris Kringle Christmas Market


I will be selling my books of poetry at the Charles County Fair Grounds from 9 am to 1 pm on Saturday December 14 during the Kris Kringle Christmas Market in building D space 16.


The Market runs from Friday the 13th to Sunday the 15th. The admission fee to the market is $3.




Poetry by Jim: Life changes

Life changes


you start in the belly
of your momma I suppose
move from womb to room
your life begins to unfold
you’re fed clothed and housed
by the architect of you
they are seldom right
this you know for sure


now your grown and gone
from the womb of their armor
you bear your own fruit
to guide raise and chasten
you find you’re seldom right
from tots of your own
this is a normal life
your learning as you grow


mom and dad were right
almost every time
you had to take their place
to see their work of love
identifying with your parents
comes to late for some
many child or guardian
don’t take this time to term
and never have the pleasure
to see their life change



Port Tobacco Marina from my houseboat.

Open-Mic night at Urban Bar-B-Que

Open-Mic night at Urban Bar-B-Que


I feel my first open-mic night went well. It was at Urban Bar-B-Que in La Plata, MD., behind Panera Bread. I was sandwiched between four musical artist’s. With them present the turn out was standing room only.



June 20, 2017 at Urban Bar-B-Que in La Plata, MD


I was nervous and under the lights, I perspired more than normal, so that must have been a lot of sweat. Six friends came and three of them brought dates. It was nice to know, that my outing was a source for a date night. Pretty cool…


I opened with a couple of jokes, which relaxed me and made me feel a little more comfortable. Glad people laughed and the jokes weren’t duds. After that I introduced myself and my book of poetry, Twilight to Son Shine, then I read two poems from it, Mom and De’ja’ vu. With sweat dripping in my eyes, I read two more poems from my book, Life Changes, which is due out on September 1, 2017. Those poems were called Deadly Drugs and Blue Bench.


Sales were good, seven more happy customers and their pictures will follow soon. A couple of friends shot videos, when I get them I will post them too.


If you missed the opportunity to watch how nervous I can get, you will have the chance again shortly. Looks like this might be a venue, I want to continue.


Remember the beatniks, I’m bringing them back. Don’t forget to snap your fingers.


Poetry by Jim: happy father’s day

happy father’s day



From left to right; my youngest son Billy, my oldest son Jamie and my mom (Grace) at dad’s gravesite in Arlington National Cemetery. James Forrest McDonald Sr


in year seventy-five
you went away
you made me cry
was a very sad day


I was twenty one
such a young lad
had two babies
needed you dad


it’s called big C
you had no choice
you can’t be replaced
I lost your voice


in forty two years
four have stepped up
close to your age
they filled that cup


happy father’s day dad
I miss you so
you’re my blood
why did you go


Matt’s here now
really nice man
as we hang out
writing’s our plan


we talk about women
or stories and more
we laugh so easy
he’s never a bore


wish you were here
you’re in my heart
life can be short
enjoy it from the start



Matthew (Matt) Jones Jr

Poetry by Jim: deadly drugs

deadly drugs

drugs I’ve done a few
no not just one or two
at times I had no clue
didn’t know what to do


would take steal or lie
just wanted to get high
other times I would cry
watching some friends die


but still I couldn’t stop
razor blade I used to chop
a piece of rock did I drop
to the floor from the top


comb and probed the floor
then I smoked some more
and peaked out the door
I was constantly at war


battled it seventeen years
truly not enough cheers
much pain caused my fears
new dawn began with tears


Poetry by Jim